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Focus efficiently & learn faster with scientifically proven methods

BeyondLearn helps you focus better, read faster, learn better and quicker. With its advanced text-to-speech, speed reading, and accessibility features, BeyondLearn can help you improve your reading speed, comprehension, and focus & concentration. It is also fully accessible to users with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.
Things you can do with BeyondLearn Change Your brainwaves in seconds for deep learning Upload your own files to read faster Gain Learning Habit Become super productive Deep Focus

Learn Faster & Better

Learning is not a process of repetition; it is a process of focusing efficiently. Become a next level of learner by acquiring the right habits for maximizing your level of focus with the scientifically proven methods. 

Read & Learn Faster

With the OCR feature, speed up your learning process up to 2 times.

BeyondLearn can help you in these areas: Learning Productivity Speed-reading Deep Study Focusing Productivity


Focus Better

Free your mind from distractions, and learn efficiently.

Read & Learn Faster

Increase your comprehension skills & learn faster.

Store Information Forever

Support your learning process with BeyondLearn’s awarding winning technology.

Gain Healthy Habits

With the supporting elements included to learning, maximize the efficiency from learning process with healthy habits.

Our Users on BeyondLearn's contribution to their learning process

Reviews &

out of 5

” It has been an amazing journey with BeyondLearn. It helped me to learn more efficiently and permanently with an incredible speed. “

11 Dec / Renee Armstrong

” I, personally, didn’t expect it this app to be so easy to use and effectual, however, it actually is. Thank you for making my learning process easier! “

3 Dec / Billie Phoenix

” I have been using different apps to fasten my learning process. However, BeyondLearn is the best experience I have ever had! “

27 Nov / Nancy Wang

” BeyondLearn has made my learning process so much faster and easier when I’m on something new. I can focus on a thing easier and learn it right away. “

19 Nov / Jeniffer Gill

” Even with the beta version of the app, I couldn’t believe how much BeyondLearn helped me. I just can’t wait for experiencing the completed version! “

30 Oct / Tom Smith

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